About Us


My name is Jose Gonzalez and I am the sole proprietor of Gonzalez Joinery & Building Works.

I founded the business in April 2004 and it consisted of a one man joinery service,
that one man being me.


The business was geared up towards offering the general public a kitchen fitting and full property maintenance service.

When I decided to start for myself I enrolled on a number or courses to expand my knowledge of running a business. Twelve years prior to this I served my time as a joiner at Newcastle College and worked for a local firm for 10 years.


Through word of mouth I picked up enough work to employ an apprentice and within 12 months we had fitted enough kitchens to call ourselves “ Kitchen Fitting Specialists”, we drove a blue Mercedes sprinter van and had it sign written accordingly.


18 Months later the business was generating too much work for us to handle and the demand was becoming greater. A good friend approached me asking about a job, he was a talented joiner and the timing was perfect so I jumped at the opportunity, we now had a work force…

Growing The Business

The business grew into bigger and better things, we now had contacts on small building sites through a local property developer and along with the growing customer base we had started it was all coming together nicely.


We ditched the “ Kitchen Fitting Specialists” slogan along with the blue van and re-launched the business with new business cards, a website and a silver Ford Transit van with appropriate signs attracting customers with the new “ Loft Conversions Specialists” slogan.

4 years on and we are still going strong!


It has to be said that it hasn’t been as easy as it all sounds but now with the teething problems out of the way I am happy to say the business is on the up!

Now we are experienced builders and offer all trades and can tackle any building work on request.
We still class ourselves as “ Loft Conversion Specialists” however we are more than familiar
with the constructing of extensions and still welcome
all aspects of property maintenance and joinery.


It goes without saying that our work is second to none and that we pride ourselves on quality finishes. There is no need to just take my word for it, I have took the liberty of collecting testimonials from some of our happy customers for just an occasion like this!

Please take a look for yourself!